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Fish Tank/Aquarium by Fiske SOLD

Fish Tank/Aquarium by Fiske SOLD

This is a J W Fiske Cast Iron Fish tank or aquarium. It is in original as found condition. I have decided not to paint and restore it as the buyer may prefer to do it themselves.
The base of the actual tank has 2 wholes, but those wholes cannot be accessed as there is a glass placed on top of them. I would think the wholes are original and for emptying water and possibly adding a pump to the fish tank. With the glass piece this cannot be done. This glass piece is cracked as shown. This larger Fiske rectangular aquarium model rarely appears in the market place.
The glass sides appear to be original and are in good condition, with a minor
Imperfection the size of a penny near the top of one panel 38 in.
WIDTH: 45 in.
DEPTH: 22 in. (Item number: 1277)

If you prefer to you can email joanbogart@yahoo.com. Please include product number and name.

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