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Bullet Globe Chandelier - 279

Bullet Globe Chandelier - 279

Status: Sold
Available: Sold
Item Number: 279
Circa: 1900

This is a most elaborate turn of the century fixture, It has 2 levels, each with 6 globes, the 6 blue swirl electric globes on the top & the 6 blue swirl bullet globes on the bottom with a huge blue swirl bullet globe in the center of the bottom, plus there are 4 single arm sconces that accompany this fixture with globes. This fixture must have come from some stately turn of the century mansion. It maintains a warm brass finish almost copper in color, the wiring is original as are the 13 globes.

Measurements:40"wide, & 70" long (Item number: 958)

Bullet Globe Chandelier - 279Bullet Globe Chandelier - 279Bullet Globe Chandelier - 279Bullet Globe Chandelier - 279