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Pottier & Stymus Aesthetic Set SOLD

Pottier & Stymus Aesthetic Set SOLD

Fine and Rare Three-Piece American Neo-Grec Tiger Maple Bedroom Suite, third quarter 19th century, attributed to Pottier and Stymus, New York, composed of parcel-gilt, ebonized and stained wood, consisting of a high-back bedstead with two circular painted plaques and cast gilt-bronze plaque, h. 85", inside w. 58-1/2", l. 78", outside w. 65", l. 86", a mirrored dressing bureau with painted plaque, h. 87-1/2", w. 52-1/4", d. 24-1/4", and a matching work table, h. 29-1/2", w. 34-1/2", d. 22-1/2", each piece retains a five-digit hand-painted item number "29812" along with the name "Magee" written in multiple places, the cast plaque on the headboard displays this same number engraved on the back side and the date of 1867 cast into the front lower right corner. Additional images can be seen by clicking here: & Stymus Aesthetic Bedrm Set (Item number: 922)

Pottier & Stymus Aesthetic Set SOLDPottier & Stymus Aesthetic Set SOLDPottier & Stymus Aesthetic Set SOLDPottier & Stymus Aesthetic Set SOLD